GorkaMorka 2
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By David Cammack A.K.A. Redsunz2000

The wild desert is a dangerous place. Many strange creatures exist out in the uncharted wastes of Da Big Uz, south of The Skid. They have often mutated into terrible beasts as a result of the radiation fall-out from the breached nuclear reactors of the Imperial spaceship ‘Eternal Vigilance’, which crashed on Angelis (the wreckage of which is now known as “Etervigila” by the Muties).
The mob has stumbled into a nest of ravenous Squigosaurs roaming the desert in search of fresh meat.

Out in the deep desert, a number of Squigosaurs have been encountered by one mob. They attack the mob on sight, intent on devouring them, with sharp, slashing claws and slathering, champing jaws.
The Squigosaurs will move as quickly as possible towards the nearest boy, whether on a vehicle or on foot, and attack in hand-to-hand combat as soon as possible. They can board vehicles just as if they were boyz on foot.
M WS BS S T W I A Ld Save
Squigosaur 6 4 0 5 5 2 4 2 8 4+

The Squigosaurs can be represented by small dinosaur models (preferably 2-legged), carnosaurs or cold ones.
The number of Squigosaurs encountered depends on the mob’s rating:
Mob RatingNumber of Squigosaurs

The scenario uses the Bottlin’ Out special rule and also the ‘Carcass’ special rule - see below (like Scrap counters).
The Squigosaurs are particularly hungry today so although the bottlin’ out rule affects the mob as usual, the Squigosaurs will not have to take a bottlin’ out test until they drop to less than 50% of their original numbers.
This game can be played as a one-player game, if you follow the rules for the movement of the Squigosaurs fairly, or as a two-player game, with one player controlling the Squigosaurs.

The board should consist of a fairly open section of the desert with a few dunes and several rock piles/columns. The player controlling the Squigosaurs sets up the terrain. The mob is set up within 12“ of the centre of the board. Each Squigosaur is set up within 12“ of a random board edge, so they have the mob surrounded:
  6    3  

The mob goes first.

Squigosaurs that have been slain may be carried and loaded onto vehicles, just as if they were Scrap counters. The bodies of the Squigosaurs will fetch a pretty price back at Mektown - strong leathery hides and plenty of meat on the carcasses. Add 1D6 teef to the mob’s income for the game for each carcass loaded onto a vehicle or carried by a boy at the end of the game.
As for Scrap counters, if the mob bottles out, they must test for dropping any carcasses carried.

The game ends when either:

  • all of the mob are down or out of action, or have bottled out (compulsory or voluntary), or
  • all of the Squigosaurs have been taken out of action.

Fighters who took part in the scenario earn experience points as follows:
+D6 survives.
+5 per wounding hit (if not taking a Squigosaur out of action).
+10 wounding hit which slays a Squigosaur (last wounding hit needed to take it out of action).
+1 carrying a carcass (a warrior earns 1 experience point for carrying a carcass at the end of the game - carcasses loaded onto vehicles do not earn anyone experience).
+10 winnin'! (The Nob gets this if he stays in until the end and does not bottle out.)

There is no adjustment in this scenario for a mob being the ‘underdogs’, since they are not fighting another mob.

Any ‘captured’ result on the Serious Injuries Table for warriors recovering shall be taken as being a ‘dead’ result, as the Squigosaurs aren’t in the habit of keeping you alive for long.