GorkaMorka 2
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Da Mineshaft
By Gorka87, from Grimtooth's GorkaMorka Page.

Ere's a new scenario dat ya kin play after a normal battle. It's intitled 'da Mineshaft. If ya have a gameboard from Space Hulk din use it Or you could use WH Quest floor pieces- ed. If'n ya dont have a Space Hulk board then you can just draw a dezine on kardboard, just make sure it'z got lots of tunnels. The idea behind dis scenario is dat the enemy mob has followed yer mob into da minez in an attempt ta finish off yer mob. Mob memberz ya kin use are any or all of da Boyz dat survived da battle. In dis scenario, instead of tryin to kill off all yer enemies ya try to get a teef total of 5, 10, whatever. Ya gain teef by killin enemies. Fer example, Grotz is worth 1 teef each, Yoofs is worth 2, Boyz 3, Spannerz and Slaverz 4, and Nobz 5. Since itz so dark down below each member kin only see 5 inches. Any weaponz kin be used, but no vehiclez, since itz so cramped.