GorkaMorka 2
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A collection of new scenarios for you to play!
If you've got any other ideas, why not post them to our Yahoogroup?

New Rule Author Description
Da Mineshaft Gorka87 Fighting down in a scrap mine! From Grimtooth's GorkaMorka Page
Demolition Derby Grimtooth A day at the races... From Grimtooth's GorkaMorka Page
Scrap Attack! Neil 3 mobs, a big pile of scrap, and lots of violence! From Neil+Rage's GorkaMorka Site
Da Bridge Rowan Coupland Da boyz 'ave set up a Toll Bridge! From Tortured Planet
Da Grudge Rowan Coupland Der's a grudge to be settled, an' revenge is callin'... From Tortured Planet
Squigosaurs David Cammack Your boys must fight against the ferocious squigosaurs!

Written by members of our community.
Edited by members of our community.
Published by GW.