GorkaMorka 2
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Noo Boyz
New troops to add to your mobs!
If you've got any other ideas, why not post them to our Yahoogroup?

New Rule Author Gang Description
Squigz Jim, Grimskul, Garbonk Orks Bouncy balls with lots of teeth! From Grimtooth's GorkaMorka Page, Grimskul's GorkaMorka Page and Da Grot Bukkit.
Snotlingz Tallyrad and Grimtooth Orks, Grots Even weedier than Grots. From Grimtooth's GorkaMorka Page.
Boarz Ryan Michel, Garbonk Orks, Diggas Large, loud and smelly- and that's just the riders... From Ryan Michel's GorkaMorka Site and Da Grot Bukkit.
Kanz Garbonk Orks A big walking dustcan with gunz... From Da Grot Bukkit.

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