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v1 by Ryan Michel from Ryan Michel's GorkaMorka Site
v2 by Garbonk from Da Grot Bukkit.

Boarz v1
By Ryan Michel from Ryan Michel's GorkaMorka Site.

Boarz - 4 Teef (Ed's Note: This seems too cheap. I'd make them 5pts at least.)

7 3 0 3 3 1 3 1 4

Weaponz: Teef and Hoofs.

Special Roolz: The Boarz may be ridden into battle by anyone foolhardy or smart enough to ride them.
They are steeds which may be ridden in the same way as bikes however you may not mount any weapon onto the boar. (Ed's Note: One rule you could try is saying the boar *must* have a rider. If it becomes riderless, it moves in a random direction each turn (use the scatter dice) and attacks anyone it comes into combat with!)

As the Boar is a living animal it has a profile as given above. Any shots that are directed at the rider of the boar are randomised between the rider and the boar as follows:
1-2 Boar
3-6 Rider

The boar moves in the same way as an Ork and can walk or run during the movement phase. However as with running on foot, a rider may not shoot or go into hidin'. (Ed's Note: Boars *can't* travel on your gang's vehicles!)

The boar counts as a member of the mob and takes up a position on the mob's list however once hired the boar can never change owners unless the previous owner dies.

The Boar confers a penalty of -1 to the rider Ld whenever he is riding it.

Experience: The Boar starts with 0 experience and it takes twice as much experience for each experience advance.

Kustomizin': As Orks, Boars are experimented on continuously and as such many Doks and Mekboys will gladly upgrade the Boar, for a small fee of course.
The Boars' rider may buy the following Upgrades:
As usual you must roll on "Da Big Day Table"

Fasta Table - D4 Teef

1 - Wood Legs - The Dok has replaced one of the Boarz legs with wooden sticks painted in a metallic colour. The boar now has its movement characteristic decreased by 1.

2 - Replacement - The Dok simply replaces the Boarz legz with another boarz leg succesfully this has cured any leg wounds that the boar may have had but unfortunately nothing else.

3 - Squig Fuel Injector - At the end of the movement phase the Ork rider may if he/she wishes push in the big red button this will cause the Boar to move an additional

D6 + 4" and both will gain an additional D4 attacks in close combat. Anyone shooting at a boar who did this in its previous turn will suffer an additional -1 to hit with any other modifiers. May only be used D3 times per battle rolled at the start of each battle

4 - Teleskopic Legs - The boar now may add up to D6" to its movement when it runs or charges note that this is not doubled for running or charging.

5 - Gyro-Stabalised Mono-Wheel - The Boar has 2 of these one at the back and one at the front.

6 - Traks/Wheels - Follow the roolz for these as per page 81 in Da Uvver Book.

Smarta Table - D4 Teef

1 - Squig Brain Transplant - Follow all the normal rules for this on page 82 of Da Uvver Book.

2 - Doc's Tools - The Doc has left one of his tools in the unfortunate Boarz head and now because of this the boar sufferz from a head wound.

3-4 - Steel Horns - The Dok adds a pair of steel horns to the Boarz head. When the boar charges it gets +1 attack.

5 - Voice Controlled - The voice controlled Boar will now not confer the -1 Ld for the rider for monouveres. It may now do the following monouveres. Hit & Run Attack, Jump on the back of a Trukk/Trak or be able to run and shoot with no penalty. To jump on a trak or trukk the boar must first roll a Ld test if succesful it has the inclination to jump and does.

6 - Iron Mask - The boar gains an Iron Mask and now causes fear and an immunity to the 'Gobsmacked Injury'.

Boarz v2
By Garbonk from Da Grot Bukkit.

A warboar will give the Ork riding it a movement of 6. In addition, the boar will attack as a seperate opponent, with the following profile:
Boar 6 2 0 4 4 1 1 1 5