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Duffdregz Destroyaz
By Harry

One of the mobz owned by a member of Our Yahoogroup.

Da Mob Roster
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Battle Reportz

Duffdregz Destroyaz have won their first battle, against Du Krusha Boyz. Not only did Duffdregz leadership increase so did the size of his head. What a nob, crippling a trakk single handedly from a valiant hand to hand sesion after being the only one to make it form the dive from Da Trukk. Well as i've said it's all gone to his head. He now wears a hat with pom poms on and only responds to other ladz if they refer to him as Duffdreg da Destroyer, Ruiner of Worlds, Violator of the Populus and Befowler of Hamsters.

But it wasn't all plain sailing for the Destroyaz. Shagbad and Badshag (being stoopid Yoofs) managed to get themselves out of action after failing to get on board the opposing trakk. Well, after the Destroyaz looked all over for them after the battle they just went home, a bit upset (but a bit happy at the prospect of a bit more fungus beer for them). During a heated game of chess Shagbad burst through the doors of da fort and told them all about the perilous journey he had just undertook. There was much jubilence and many beers were drunk until Rukfang questioned the wereabouts of Badshag. Shagbad scrathched his chin and tutted, then he told them all the last he'd seen of him was when Du Krusha Boyz bundled him into a sack and absconded with him.
From this followed a very heated debate as to whether or not they should pay the inevitable ransom or just forget him, after all yoofs are a dime a dozen. Much fist fighting and insulting of various hats later and they decided to just bust down the stoopid Krusha Boyz Fort and take him back, after all he was one of the lads (albeit a stoopid useless one) and this is where the story ends.