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Makin Yer Mob
Painting and konverting guides for all you orky gamers out there (well, eventually we'll have painting guides).
One of first question posted on Our Community was about the differences between GorkaMorka and 40k orks, and what models to use for your gang members. On these pages I'll expand on my original reply, with added pretty pictures.
For now, I'm just considering Ork (Gorka and Morka) gangs. Maybe later I'll include stuff on Diggas, Grots, Muties, etc..

Also, I'm putting any useful downloads (things that may be good for people starting making a gang such as mob rosters, and things like the White Dwarf home-made ork vehicle templates) up in the Downloadz section.

If you've got any other ideas, why not post them to our Yahoogroup?

File Author Description
Da Boyz James Suggestions for using 40k Ork models as members of your warband.
Da Gunz James Suggestions for how to arm the members of your warband.
Da Vehiklez James, and lots of others Some nice pics of converted ork vehicles.
Downloadz Collected by James Useful downloads- mob rosters, White Dwarf vehicle templates, etc.

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