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Da Gunz
By James, pics from GW
40k and WFB between them provide a good source for many of the guns an aspiring nob needs. Here are some recommendations.

Six-Shootas look like Necromundian Stub Guns, or the sort of pistols you see in westerns. Some 40k ork spanners still have them.
Sluggaz are the basic ork pistol these days. Just look at the plastic ones in the plastic 40k Ork Boys box if you need an example. This particular example is from the 40k nob.
Shootas are the basic 40k ork 2-handed gun. Good examples are contained on the 40k Ork Boys plastic sprue. This one is a Kustom Shoota from an ork nob model.
Kannons are ork shotguns. This particular example is from Necromunda, or you could try adding double barrels made out of plastruct to shoota bodies.
I can't think of a single good blunderbuss model made by GW. Anyone got any ideas?
No Picture Available
Try raiding WFB models, or scratchbuilding one. How hard can it be?
No Picture Available
There are several possible crossbow models in the WFB range. Check them out.
'Eavy Shoota
Most vehicles come with a varient of a 'eavy shoota already mounted. For any others, I recommend Forgeworld's Twin Big Shootas.
Eavy Shoota
Spear Guns
Unless you can find the original GM model (shown here), it looks like the bits box is calling. Plastic WFB spears are clearly a Gork-send!
Spear Guns
Rokkit Launcher
Forgeworld do a very nice Rokkit Launcher suitable for GM use. Alternatively, you may be able to find an original GM rokkit launcher.
FW Rokkit Launcher GW Rokkit Launcher
Forgeworld produce nice scorchas, although GW also makes a trak-mounted scorcha model.
FW Scorcha GW Scorcha
Harpoon Guns
Check out WFB bolt throwers and spear chukkas to give you inspiration for Harpoon Guns. Hey, you may even be lucky enough to get an original GM Harpoon Gun if you look carefully.
Harpoon Guns Harpoon Guns
Stikkbombz are sticks with bombs on the end. Check out the 40k Ork Stikkbomberz bitz pack set for plenty of lovely stikkbombz.