GorkaMorka 2
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An Unofficial GorkaMorka Fansite
For a long time, GorkaMorka was dead. Games Workshop stopped printing the book, people stopped making websites about it. Several of the websites hosted on Geocities disappeared. Seeing this terrible trend, Mektown and the GorkaMorka Yahoogroup were set-up. Mektown was meant to be a repository for all unofficial house rules on the internet, pulling them all together before the other sites all vanished. It was also made to share rules, painting/modelling tips, or anything else that GorkaMorka fans posted to the Yahoogroup!

Our other big aim was to get GorkaMorka back. Whether by getting Games Workshop to publish it, or by making our own unofficial second edition. Various second editions were attempted, but thankfully in the end Games Workshop released the Online Rulebook! WAAAAAGH!

For more details about GorkaMorka and an introduction to the game, click here.

Please see our Legal Stuff page. Note that this website is completely unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited. We used a lot of GW trademarks on this page, check the Legal Stuff page for details.