GorkaMorka 2
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Vehikle Repairs at da Fort
By Gorbta Yuisht and James
I know there is a Repair Table for Vehicles at the Mek's Shop, but when doing the repiars back at DA FORT wouldnt it make sense to have a scrap pile and this pile will *with a little work* be able to be converted for use as a temporary repair on the Vehicle in question?
At the end of each battle, when your Boyz, Yoofz and Grotz are busy collecting income in your mine, the Spannerz can be set to work repairing any vehicles with permanent damage. If you set one Spanner to do the work, you get to roll on the chart below. For every additional spanner, you can either roll again on the chart OR use him to give you a +1 modifier on the roll. However an unmodified roll of 1 still counts as a 1, no matter how many spanners are working on the vehicle!
1Whoops... Roll on the Bodged Vehicle Table
2-5Hmm, needs a bit more work... It's not fixed, but at least it isn't broken!
6Der we go! The permanent damage is fixed.