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Houze Roolz
A collection of new rules for use in any GorkaMorka games!
If you've got any other ideas, why not post them to our Yahoogroup?

New Rule Author Description
Tranzport Steve Something and James Replacement rules to replace the "pile em on!" rule.
Fuel Suppliez Gorbta Yuisht and James Ideas for a rule that shows how much fuel each vehicle carries.
Vehikle Repairz Gorbta Yuisht and James Rules for Spannerz repairing vehicles
Bigger Mobz Kruk Krukskul A suggestion for starting mobs. From Gubsnik's Mek Shed.
Hit + Run! Chris Ward and Stuart Witter Rules for bikers doing Hit and Run attacks, taken from the Ash Wastes Vehicle rules.
Treacherous Terrain David Cammack A Treacherous Terrain Generator to make the deserts of Angelis just that bit more nasty.

Written by members of our community.
Edited by members of our community.
Published by GW.