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Hit + Run!
By Chris Ward and Stuart Witter (for Games Workshop)

NOTE: Hit and run attack rules were taken from the Necromunda Ash Wastes Vehicles rules, on p17 of NecroMag 4. They were also available on the GW Website, but now seem to have gone.

A bike rider can make a CC attack at another model as they pass them during the movement phase. This special attack is handled differently to a normal CC attack and is called a hit and run attack. The bike can be moved into contact with an enemy model at any point during its move, the rider can than make a single attack out of the normal turn sequence and the enemy model can strike back with one attack before the bike hurtles on. The combat follows the normal rules for close combat except each model can only use a single attack dice no matter what their attacks characteristic normally is or what they are armed with. The rider is always consider as charging, and always considered to have a better initiativer in the event of a draw. No parries can be made by either combatant as the attack is made in a split second before their opponent is long gone. Note a bike rider can only make one hit and run attack per turn, and if they do so they cannot shoot in the same turn.