GorkaMorka 2
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Q: What's GorkaMorka?
A: A science-fiction, Mad-Max style wargame with lots of orks. Made by Games Workshop (see "Introduction: GorkaMorka" for more details).

Q: Where can I get the rules?
A: They're available as pdf files here, or try searching ebay for the old rulebooks.

Q: Why won't GW re-release it?
A: They may do, sometime. They have, hurrah!

Q: Are the vehicles and miniatures smaller than the 40K Orks? Is it better to use current 40K Orks and vehicles or try to get the GorkaMorka models?
A: Good question, see the "Makin Yer Mob" section of the website.

Q: What sort of scenary should I use?
A: Desert terrain! Lots of sand dunes and stuff. Also you'll probably need a decent orky fort.

Q: Isn't GorkaMorka just Necromunda with orks? What are the differences?
A: GorkaMorka's much better. It's got orks and big buggies and grotz. Necromunda is boring compared to that!