GorkaMorka 2
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Waaaaagh! Da World ov GorkaMorka.
An introduction to GorkaMorka by David Smith, from Waaaagh! Da World ov GorkaMorka.

Introduction: Gorka What?
Explaining the background of GorkaMorka is fairly simple. Take a bunch of orcs and put 'em in a space hulk. Now crash that hulk on a planet and that's just the beginning. The orks must now rebuild their smashed hulk into a space worthy craft. One problem: Limited seating. Rival ork mobs fight around the dessert trying to prove who's the hardest and most worthy to hitch a ride on GorkaMorka.

Creating a Mob: Gathering up Da Boyz
The first thing you must determine is whether your mob will be Gorkers or Morkers. Your mob alignment will determine how your mob is equipped and the skills you can learn. Gorkers prefer choppas and six-shootas while Morkers prefer clubs and sluggas. These preferences are not written in stone, but provide local color.
All Gorkers can learn ferocity skills and all Morkers can learn driving and cunning skills. Morkers love vehicles and will spend an obscene amount of points to improve them. However, Gorkers will spend more on equipping their boyz and leave the spanners to worry bout da trukks.
Feel free to equip your boyz in a variety of ways. No model has to be the same! As your mob fights more battles and gains more experience you might swap some of your equipment between your boyz or buy them new equipment all together.

Nobs, Spanners, and Slaverz: Da Special Boyz
The most important ork in your mob is your Nob. Your Nob must be equipped in a way that demands respect. I would highly recommend giving your nob any sort of armor for the Hard as Nails look. The type (studded, Flak, and 'Eavy) doesn't matter as long as it sends the message "I am very hard to hurt" (Ork syntax is not taken into account here). You may also want to give your Nob a better gun than the rest of your orks. Perhaps a Kannon? You may even have an opportunity to get it customized.
Spanners are second in the rankings. You must have spanners before you can buy vehicles. Considering that 90% of GorkaMorka is Vehicles you need to have at least one spanner. Your Spanner should be equipped similar to your Nob. Taking care of vehicles is a great honor and his equipment should reflect it.
Slaverz are unique. You should only take Slaverz if you have captured boyz from your opponents mob or if you want grots. Slarvez should be equipped similar to boyz but don't forget to give them Slaverz' Stuff.

Trukks, Traks, and Bikes: Getting around GorkaMorka
Trukks are the most common method of getting around in GorkaMorka. Bikes are favored among Morkers who live for speed. The first to consider ounce you purchase your vehicle is who's going to drive it. Any idiot can drive a vehicle but only certain orks can do it well. All Morkers can get driving skills so any member of a Morker mob would be an excellent choice for a driver. Gorkers however, can only get driving skills for Nobs and Spannerz. Hence forth limiting your (good) choices for drivers. The next step is deciding whether you want to mount a gun on your vehicle. The Big Gunz' are tempting and if you are willing to spend the teef go for it. Linked weapons are a good compromise when it comes to saving teef. Linked Shootas or Kannons are perfect for a beginning mob. The next step is choosing your gunner. Any Ork can be your gunner. All Gorkers and Morker Nobs and Spannerz can get Dakka skills so this may influence your choice.

Mektown: Buyin' More Stuff
If you are playing a GorkaMorka campaign (which the best way to go) at the end of the game you will have the opportunity to go to Mektown. In Mektown you can kustumize your guns and vehicles, give injured warriors bio-implants, and buy more equipment. Meks will only customize your guns (and/or vehicles) if your Mob leader is a Nob (meaning he has won a battle).
The best kustom is More Dakka, second best would have to be making the gun shootier. The vehicle kustoms are pretty good too. The Doc's sejery is pretty risky. In the best scenario you have a super bio-ork, in the worst a boy with a left leg wound and a peg right leg (or any other result when you roll a one on the table). The best part of Mektown is buying new boys and equipment. Want to hire a new spanner? Need a Slaver? How bout an Extra Kannon? Mektown has it all!

Gubbins: Addin' Bits to Da Trukk
Gubbins are great additions to any vehicle. It's best to only moderately invest in Gubbins unless you've got allot of teef to spend. I would recommend your first gubbin purchase to be loadsa ammo. If you have a fixed weapon it helps allot. Boarding planks are nice for the offensive player who gets relay tired of failing Vehicle to Vehicle jump rolls. Rams, spikes, and Grabbers do there share in making the game interesting.

Why Play GorkaMorka???
I'm a long time Dwarf player and many of you may be wondering why I would lay down my rune axe and pick up a choppa. For one thing I like the fire arms. Being from a Dwarf background I'm use to the idea of Big guns. I also like the idea of running around in a trukk and not having to worry about traffic violations. I find GorkaMorka battles tend to be more personal. For example BorGog a Gorker can have a personal grudge against Garfog a Morker because he keeps throwing stikk bombs at him. Speed seems to be factor too. Not just the trukks but the turn sequence goes by fast and allows you to get quite a few brawls in during a few hours. In Fantasy I would write one army, play it, win or lose with it, then re-write it for the next game. In GorkaMorka my single mobs fights numerous battles and I only start new mobs when the old one gets to tough (the exception is Digganob). What else can I say? GorkaMorka's a great game! Go out and try it yourself!!!